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A waitlist we never wanted

Today we are removing our waitlist and opening public sign up for Consider.

We think of email as a social product first, ‘productivity’ tool second. To modernize email, we must improve the interactions that happen over email — how can we cause one fewer email to be sent? Or one fewer misunderstanding? How can we shift unnecessarily formal communications to be a little more human? How can we productize the many hidden email rituals?

Just as important, to reclaim agency and focus at work, we must replace some Slack usage with email. How can we make it easier for anyone in a company to find and join the conversations they should be in? How can we make email a tool we eagerly, not reluctantly, reach for?

Over the coming months, you’ll see us answer more of these questions. However, a key requisite for answering any of the above is being available to everybody. Until today, you had to be invited off our waitlist to use Consider. Many asked if we were trying to create ‘exclusivity’. In truth, we never wanted a waitlist but certain technical constraints made it hard for us to onboard more than a handful of users a day. Now anyone can sign up — check us out.