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A few overdue upgrades for email

At the end of August we announced Groups - our most significant step yet in rethinking email. In our launch post, I wrote:

Perhaps the toughest thing in email is how much you have to build in your v1. You have to build almost everything in Gmail, without any bugs, before doing anything new. This makes for a somewhat awkward public story...

Today we are excited to further expand our public story with the addition of reactions, comments, and presence to email. These features are enabled when two or more people on your team are using Consider together.


With reactions you can 'react' to any part of a message with one or more emojis - just like in Slack, iMessage, Facebook. Reactions matter. Without reactions simple feelings of gratitude or excitement or frustration are often left unsaid. This effect is compounded in email where there there is a feeling of permanence, a fear of saying the wrong thing.


Comments bring Google docs style comments to email. We've found comments helpful for not derailing a conversation, for collecting responses to multiple questions in one place, and for clarifying misunderstandings.


And finally, presence simply shows when others on your team are viewing a conversation. This is a small but important detail. We find it builds empathy. It reminds you that there are real people on the other end of each message.

What excites us most about this release is when combined with Groups and our existing foundation, a picture of what email could be is starting to become clear.

And we're just getting started.